Give your body a feeling of relaxation and renewal while losing inches and toxins.
It’s like a mini vacation!

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How Does a Body Wrap Work?

Body wraps increase flow through the circulatory and lymphatic systems, flushing out toxins, cleansing the tissue underneath the skin and restoring elasticity to loose, flabby skin. This is not a water loss or dehydration type of body wrap. You must drink water to flush the waste from the lymphatic system. Clients feel best when they drink one gallon of water each day for the 3 days following the wrap. On the fourth day, have another body wrap!

Body Wrap Treatment Options (45 minutes)


  • 1 Session


  • 2 Sessions


  • 6 Sessions

Take a hot shower using only clean liquid body wash to open up your pores. Exfoliate your skin with a natural sponge or exfoliating gloves. You may use sea salt of sugar scrub but avoid soap as it may clog pores. After showering, prep your skin with your favorite clean toner or witch hazel to make sure your skin is balanced and your pores are open.

Avoid alcohol and other toxins for a few days leading up to your Body Wrap. Drink plenty of water and make sure to eat a light meal before your wrap. But don’t eat or drink too much as you get closer to your appointment time. Refrain from eating and drinking up to 2 hours prior. Remember to use the bathroom before your wrap.

Take a before photo so you can look back on your progress!

Women generally wear either a bikini bathing suit or cotton panties and a wireless bra. You’ll want to bring dry undergarments to change into after your wrap.
You will feel relaxed, refreshed; your skin will feel soft.
Plan on waiting until the day after your wrap to shower. If that’s too long, wait at least 8 hours to shower or exercise.

For the next three days drink water to help flush the toxins from your lymphatic system. Avoid fatty or processed foods, sugar, coffee, soda and alcohol and watch your salt intake.

Take a photo to compare to your before photo!

Body Wrap treatments are available by appointment and scheduled for an hour. New clients should schedule and plan to arrive 30 minutes early for your first Body Wrap. Call to schedule.
To avoid charge, please allow 24 hours notice for any cancellation or appointment change.

Due to the sensitive nature of Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonics and Colonoscopy are booked for 90 minutes although you may be receiving the actual colonic for 30-60 minutes.

Drink plenty of water. Remember to avoid toxins like cigarettes, alcohol, soda, in the three days prior to your appointment. Do not wear any lotion or oil the day of your Body Wrap. And really, drink plenty of water!

How Body Wraps Can Change Your Life

  • You will lose inches in one hour! You will be smoother and shapelier from head to toe!
  • Your skin will be noticeably tightened, toned and firm.
  • Cellulite will be visibly reduced or eliminated. Your skin will be radiantly smooth, youthful, hydrated, and elastic.
  • Eliminates wastes and impurities through the skin’s pores.
  • Helps you to retains less excess water weight by removing wastes and impurities.
  • Lifts and compresses fat cells in order to put displaced tissue back where it belongs.
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What Clients Say About Body Wrap Treatments

“Wow, always amazed at how much better I feel….I have more mental clarity and focus…Thanks!” – KP, Bellingham