An Ionic Foot Bath is a simple, relaxing and immediate way to experience the revitalizing benefits of cleansing, reducing toxicity and inflammation throughout the body.


How Does the Ionic Foot Bath Work?

Ionic Detox Foot baths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 2000 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. You can then experience the correct acid-alkaline ph balance as nature intended. It’s painless and takes 30 minutes.

During the use of an ionic foot bath the color of the water changes. The various colors can tell you what area the body may be detoxing. Black or brown water is the liver orange; the joints, dark green; the gallbladder, yellow-green; kidneys, urinary tract, white foam; lymph node draining, red flecks; blood clot material, and heavy metals, black flecks.

Ionic Foot Bath Treatment Options (30 minutes)


  • 1 Session


  • 3 Sessions


  • 6 Sessions
Remember to shower and wash your feet before your Ionic Foot Bath treatment. It is helpful if your toenails are free from polish. You will need to be able to pull up your pant legs or whatever you’re wearing above your knees. Here are some suggestions: shorts, sweats, and yoga pants. Stay away from clothing that is tight fitting around the lower legs such as skinny jeans.
Expect to see the fascinating icky! That’s the toxins coming out of your body! Expect to have your feet to feel amazingly refreshed.
Stay hydrated! While most don’t have a reaction to this lower level of cleansing, it’s important to ensure you stay well hydrated.
Ionic Foot Bath treatments are scheduled for 1 hour although the actual treatment time varies. Call for appointment.

Ionic Foot Bath treatments have been recommended to reduce suffering from GI disorders, skin conditions, fungal or yeast infections, and cancer. For people who are not suffering a specific ailment, the best time for detox is during the Spring and Fall transitional seasons.  Always consult your physician before adding Ionic Foot Bath to your self care regimen. Avoid Ionic Foot Bath treatments if you have a pacemaker or any open sores or lesions on your feet. If you have Diabetes Type I you should consult your physician and use Ionic Foot Batch therapy with precaution.

How Ionic Foot Bath Can Change Your Life

  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Assists in recovery time from injuries and surgery.
  • Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis.
  • Improves sleep patterns.
  • Removes heavy metals; removes blood clot material.
  • Improves liver and kidney function.

What Clients Say About Ionic Foot Bath Treatments

“Several years I was struggling with severe neurological problems.  My doctor suggested a routine of intense detoxification.
I started going to Internal Harmony for ionic foot bath several times a week, and was amazed at the results.  In just a few month I began to have relief from some of my more serious symptoms. Shannon was very informative, professional, and truly supportive though my whole healing journey. I believe that the ionic foot baths and Internal Harmony  were  integral parts of my healing and would recommended them to anyone.” – Vonda Petty, Bellingham